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Alexis de Anda, Philipp Eckelmann
Paulina Rosas
30 Mins.

 "Oak Leaves" Screens at 2016 Indy Film Festival  

Hanna's (Alexis de Anda) German father has recently passed away. She discovers letters coming in from Berlin and decides to take a trip to Germany in an effort to discover the sender. In the process, she discovers more about the residents of that house and how they are connected to her.

A Mexican entry in the 2016 Indy Film Festival's World Cinema block of shorts, Paulina Rosas' Oak Leaves is a deeply moving and beautifully photographed film with lensing by Claudia Becerril Bulos that captures both the beauty and the intimacy of Hanna's journey. Alexis de Andra is simply extraordinary as Hanna, infusing her with a naturalness and wonder that plays out patiently and tenderly. Hector Marroquin's original music gives the film a warm and gentle spirit and the direction from Paulina Rosas is nicely paced and filled with drama that feels earned and never histrionic.

Oak Leaves is the kind of film that lingers in your heart and mind, its words and images far more meaningful than you might expect until days after you've seen the film and realize that it continues to envelope you every time you think about it.

For more information on Oak Leaves, visit the film's website linked to in the credits or the Indy Film Fest website.

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The Independent Critic