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Daniel Ross, Jay Saunders, Cory Okouchi, Carla Okouchi, Devon Marie Burt, Melissa McConnell
Justin Timpane
NR (Equiv. to "R")
89 Mins.
Breaking Glass Pictures/Vicious Circle Films (US); Left Films (UK)
3 separate DVD commentaries; Deleted scenes w/commentaries; Bloopers; Solarice music video; "From Zombies to Vampires" Featurette; Sneak Peek "Ninjas vs" Comic Books; Alternate Ending; Theatrical Premiere Featurette

 "Ninjas vs. Vampires" Review 
The makers of Ninjas vs. Zombies are back with even more energized, horrified fun and action with Ninjas vs. Vampires, being released on DVD May 3rd from Vicious Circle Films, the horror arm of Breaking Glass Pictures. Written and directed by Justin Timpane, Ninjas vs. Vampires is a wondrously whacked out B-movie in the best sense of the term.

After Aaron (Jay Saunders) is flat-out rejected by the girl of his dreams (Devon Marie Burt), the two are attacked by blood-sucking vampires (Hate it when that happens!). Driven to save her, Aaron tracks down a group of mysterious ninjas, who wage a nightly war against the forces of darkness. With the vampire overlord Seth (Kurt Skarstedt) plotting to destroy mankind, Aaron has no choice but to swing into action by joining the ninjas, saving the world and maybe, just maybe, getting his girl.

Given a pretty amazing packaging from Vicious Circle, Ninjas vs. Vampires is practically a "must see" and "gotta buy" for fans of indie horror and the B-movie scene. The film is a pretty significant improvement from Ninjas vs. Zombies, and if that film was a cult smash then this film should hit an outright home run. A little sexy, a little shocking, incredibly bloody and lots of fun, Ninjas vs. Vampires nicely intertwines action and comedy thanks to an ensemble cast that excels at never taking themselves too seriously but managing to take their performances seriously enough. It's a harder balance than you'd think.

Saunders is rock solid in the lead, while Devon Marie Burt shines along with supporting players Kurt Starstedt, Daniel Ross and returning Melissa McConnell. Filmed on a paltry $15,000, Ninjas vs. Vampires makes the most of its bucks and has a great time along the way. So will you.

The DVD package has a wealth of extras ranging from three DVD commentaries (Cast, Producers and Directors) to two featurettes, bloopers, deleted scenes, a music video and an alternate ending. Among indie DVD releases, this packaging is simply stellar.

With better pacing, more energy, improved acting, superior tech and an all around better package (I've always wanted someone to tell me I have a better package), Ninjas vs. Vampires delivers the action, the laughs and an all around good time.


© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic