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Leonardo Piras, Lorenzo Piras, Federica Contini, Alessio Contini, Giuseppe Corona, Marco Bellisai, and Dany Madre
Mario Caroni
15 Mins.


 "Nerd Forever" Review  

Written and directed by Italian director Mario Caroni, the 15-minute short film Nerd Forever is a bit of escapist fun involving a group of kids playing a video game when one of them is unexpectedly drawn even further into the game.

Filmed on an amazingly low equivalent of $120, Nerd Forever certainly isn't the kind of film that gets mentioned come award season but it's effective as a bit of lighthearted fun and features an energetic and fun ensemble cast that keeps you interested throughout the film's 15-minute running time. Other than the cast work, the film is pretty much a one-man show with Caroni serving as writer, director, editor, and cinematographer for the film. While the film is for the most part instantly forgettable, you'll smile while it's running and it'd be a solid companion piece for an indie/underground festival with a block for children/youth.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic