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Milly Crnogorac, Jennifer Kalinowski, Peter Bloch-Hansen
Charles Kassatly
Charles Kassatly, Alfred Skinner
Rated R
75 Mins.
Singa Home Entertainment
 "My Pink Shirt" Review 

Based on a true story, "My Pink Shirt" shares the tale of 15-year-old Regency. Faced with a mother dying from the AIDS virus, Regency must prostitute herself to feed her own growing addictions, support her mother and pay the rent.

In a mere 75 minutes, director Charles Kassatly has crafted a moving and powerful social drama that is one of this year's nominees in the category of "Original DVD" for the Prism Awards. The Prism Awards are presented annually to entertainers working to address drug abuse issues.

While the film does occasionally cross the line into melodrama, as do many films made on a budget of $40,000, Kassatly's film is blessed with a strong script by Alfred Skinner based upon Kassatly's story.

As Regency, Milly Crnogorac does a nice job of portraying Regency's efforts to reclaim her gifts as an artist, though it's arguable that she does camp it up a bit in projecting Regency's sexuality.

Will Regency overcome her obstacles and conquer her past? 

Odds are you know the answer, but this won't stop "My Pink Shirt" from being worth a view. "My Pink Shirt" will especially appeal to those with addiction backgrounds,who will easily point out both the film's strengths and flaws in painting a portrait of life with an addiction.

"My Pink Shirt" is currently available on DVD. For more information on the film, visit the website at


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