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Vin Kridakorn, Madeline Lupi, Fernando Yepez, Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz, Ralph Bracco, Michael Gallo, and Edward Phillips
SangJin Ko
30 Mins.

 "Milkshake" tells a Unique, Involving Story 

Milkshake tells the story of interracial adopted siblings Jack (Vin Kridakorn) and Alice (Madeline Lupi), who are left struggling to make ends meet after the death of their parents. Jack, 18-years-old, is forced to drop out of school to provide for six-year-old Alice. Sadly, the struggles don't stop there as Jack has trouble balancing his sudden role as parent along with trying to hold a job. Before long, he's deemed unfit to continue as Alice's guardian and is forced to deal with the possibility of her being placed up for adoption.

Written and directed by Korean filmmaker SangJin Ko, Milkshake takes a unique, even-keeled approach to an involving story. Oh sure, there are times that Milkshake plays off a bit schmaltzy and one could argue its original music could have used a bit of spark, but both Kridakorn and Lupi give low-key, yet winning performances as the close siblings suddenly thrust into a most difficult situation.

For more information on the film, visit its website linked to in the credits.

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