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Tracy Grammer, Ryan Arnold, Benjamin Breton
Joshua Gaestel
15 Mins.

 "Meek Lover Creek" a Low-Key, Contemplative Film 
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There's little denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc for the film industry. This may be especially true for the world of indie cinema, a world that has been either severely limited or completely shut down due to the vast majority of festivals either postponing until 2021 or going virtually. 

That's a shame. It's even more of a shame when you come across an indie gem like Meek Lover Creek, a 15-minute short film about morality in a seemingly impartial world. The film stars folk musician Tracy Grammer as Mae, a seemingly timid yet mysterious female whose story unfolds in a quiet, meditative way after one job ends and another job begins. 

The film was fortunate to spend some time on the indie fest circuit, though it deserved a much longer life. It picked up a couple awards along its festival journey including Best No/Low Budget Film in the Short to the Point Film Festival and Best Sound in the Eden Studios International Film Fest. It also screened at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival among others. 

Grammer, a celebrated folk musician who has toured and recorded with the likes of Joan Baez and Mary Chapin Carpenter, recently returned to her childhood love of acting and with Meek Lover Creek makes a memorable cinematic debut. Ryan Arnold also shines as Mae's co-worker Garrett, while Benjamin Breton adds in some suspense as a mysteriously melodic man whose aura constantly oozes trouble. 

Dave Wurtzel's lensing for the film is strong throughout and writer/director Joshua Gaestel's story wisely leaves us to discuss the nature of everything that's unfolded and the morality of it all. 

Gaestel received a $2,000 grant from Northampton Open Media to for his first script here and that script comes beautifully to live with a small but talented cast and crew who seemingly understand what Gaestel is going for here. The film's music by Tongue Oven proves to complement the goings on quite nicely and Meek Lover Creek is a short, contemplative film that deserves to be seen.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic