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The Independent Critic

Nick Park
Nick Park, Bob Baker
Vocal Work by
Peter Sallis, Sally Lindsay, Melissa Collier, Sarah Laborde
Running Time
29 Mins.

 "A Matter of Loaf and Death" Review 
At 29 minutes, Nick Park's A Matter of Loaf and Death contains everything you've come to love and expect from a Wallace & Gromit short including the trademark cheeky, irreverent humor with simple yet intriguing narrative winding its way through the always adorable relationship between Wallace and his beloved Gromit. In this story, 12 bakers have been murdered when Wallace seemingly meets the woman of his dreams, Piella, the Bake-a-Lite Girl.

Will it be true love?

Or is there something else at play here?

You do know the answer, right?

Clever isn't necessarily the aim of a Wallace & Gromit film. The point is to beautifully intertwine humor, heart and classic references to cinema and culture. All of these things are in abundance in A Matter of Loaf and Death, a film that cheekily bows to Chaplin and incorporates the use of silence to near perfection.

Why is it that so many animated filmmakers are afraid of silence? Park and the fine folks at Aardman Studios prove that silence can be golden here, whether the hurt look of Gromit when he's abandoned for the dominating Piella or the silent slapstick and physical comedy that permeates the entire film.

A Matter of Loaf and Death isn't necessarily anything new from Nick Park, but when you already have the perfect recipe why mess with it?