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Kelly Lavasseur, Philip Behringer, Amy Correll, Beth Hansing Koughan, Douglas Sidney
Alan Tracy, Larissa Tracy
Larissa Tracy
15 Mins.

 "Mary is a Provocative, Thought-Provoking Short"  

At its heart a film about women's rights and the necessity of choice, Mary is an involving short film that had its world premiere at the Cannes Short Film Corner and is now in the midst of a fundraising effort to begin its film festival journey.

The film centers around Mary (Kelly Lavasseur), a young woman who is trying to recover from a six-month long trauma of being imprisoned by Lou (Douglas Sidney), whose role in her life is slowly revealed over the course of this 15-minute short film. When Mary receives some unexpected news, she must make a choice that may help determine whether she finally escapes from Lou's grasp or is drawn even more permanently into his web of torment.

Co-directed by Alan and Larissa Tracy based upon Larissa's script, Mary is a dark and gripping story that may not be the easiest to watch but it's an absolutely vital film to watch. Lavasseur is never less than compelling as Mary, a young woman whose weary resignation is evident in her every breath. Lavasseur is heartbreaking, whether dealing with doctors who should know but act like they don't or simply in making difficult decisions that simply must be made. It's a difficult role to pull off, but Lavasseur does so quite nicely.

The film's lensing by Brent S. Duncan is filled with a sense of anxiety and dread courtesy of uncomfortable close-ups and harrowing scenes that often unfold in flashback. To his credit, Duncan's lensing tells the story rather than exploiting. Watch the film. You'll understand.

Mary packs a powerful emotional wallop that stays with you long after its closing credits have rolled. It's the kind of film that lingers in your psyche' and leaves you wondering. Based firmly within universal truths expressed through this deeply personal story, Mary should have no problem finding a home on the indie/underground fest circuit. Watch for it.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic