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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
John W. McKelvey
Tiffany Anne Carrin, Elise Falanga, John W. McKelvey, Kelly Terrell, Angela T. Ryan and Jane Hardy
Running Time
28 Mins.

 "Lunch Break" Review 

An intriguing and involving 28-minute short from writer/director John W. McKelvey, Lunch Break is filmed documentary style in an actual working supermarket in Central New Jersey. Filmed almost guerilla style, a bit of a requirement given that the film crew was present without, um, permission, Lunch Break is comprised of several long, unbroken takes up to 4 1/2 minutes in length featuring monologues that are altogether more appealing because the employee in question, played by Tiffany Anne Carrin, is acting under the real life threat of being "caught" at any moment.

Lunch Break works beautifully largely on the strength of Tiffany Anne Carrin's relaxed, natural performance as the working mother struggling to balance work, school and parenting. Carrin's performance brings to mind that of Steve Gelder in the short film Cabbie from Donlee Brussel. Carrin does marvelously with McKelvey's clever, inventive script and is aided tremendously by Elise Falanga's seemingly improvisational camera work that keeps moving right alongside her subject. The film also features a complementary score from Hawaiian-based lyricist Neila that companions the film quite nicely.

Proving to have a long life on the film festival circuit, Lunch Break debuted in 2005 and has played in film festivals nationwide since that time.