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Haley Bennett, Bob Morley, Thomas Dekker
Tanner King Barklow, Gil Kofman
Tanner King Barklow
91 Mins.
Invincible Pictures

 "Lost in the White City" Released Exclusively on DVD  
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Kyle (Thomas Dekker) and Eva (Haley Bennett) are art students struggling against a potentially troubling breaking who travel to Tel Aviv in an attempt to revive their relationship and their artistic inspiration in Lost in the White City, an Invincible Pictures release hitting both streaming and DVD distribution via on March 15th.

Co-directed by Tanner King Barklow and Gil Kofman, Lost in the White City features a stand-out performance from Haley Bennett, an up-and-coming young actress with feature roles in 2015's Hardcore Henry and the upcoming The Girl on the Train and The Magnificent Seven. In the film, Kyle and Eva seemingly succeed in finding their inspiration, Kyle becomes engrossed in the endless potential for his filmmaking in the beautiful region while Eva finds her words as a writer flowing better than ever. The two unite primarily only while at their rented apartment and various nightclub scenes. It is in these scenes that Avi (Bob Morley) enters the picture, an Israeli soldier who shares an obvious chemistry with Eva, not so surprisingly, but also a surprisingly genuine friendship with Kyle as the increasingly present subject of his filmmaking.

To even hint at the places that Lost in the White City goes would be unjust. While certain aspects of Barklow's story aren't particularly surprisingly, they are brought vividly to life via a strong ensemble cast that holds your attention throughout the film's 91-minute running time. Shahar Reznik's lensing captures beautifully the region yet never lets go of the film's artistry and intimacy. It's a tricky balance and Reznik handles it quite nicely.

Dekker will be familiar to fans of televisions Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as he portrayed John Connor in the series. This performance is a complex one, layered with hints of rebelliousness, moments of insecurity, and complete and utter artistic integrity. Morley, an Aussie actor with recent work on The 100, was a 2015 Teen Choice Award nominee and possesses both the hunkiness and sensitivity necessary to sell Avi completely.

Lost in the White City is, for the most part, a serious film and perhaps it's that seriousness that's kept it from attracting the audience it truly deserves. An intelligent, emotionally honest and thoughtful film, Lost in the White City will have you contemplating the story's unfolding even before the closing credits are done rolling. Take a chance and check it out!

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic