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Adam Weppler, Nicholas Tucci, Catherine Corcoran, Fran Kranz
Erik Bloomquist
Erik Bloomquist (Written by, Story by), Carson Bloomquist (Story by), Adam Weppler (Story by)
94 Mins.
Indie Rights

 "Long Lost" Set for 4/10 VOD Release 

There's an ordinary creepiness that permeates every frame of Erik Bloomquist's upcoming Indie Rights VOD release Long Lost, a psychological thriller about a young man, Seth (Adam Weppler), who visits the Connecticut mansion of Richard (Nicholas Tucci, You're Next), who turns out to be the older, half-brother he never knew he had. 

Oh yeah, and he also happens to be a millionaire. 

With the help of his enigmatic girlfriend Abby (Catherine Corcoran, Terrifier), Richard leads Seth down a psychosexual rabbit hole wherein luxury and temptation are woven together with taboo and treachery. 

It's hardly five minutes into Long Lost, which arrives via VOD on 4/10, when the serious creeps start arriving courtesy of Tucci's amped up, histrionic turn as Richard. Richard's persona is almost immediately uncomfortable and never really ever relaxes. It's a tremendously effective performance that avoids camp in favor of genuine chills and a serious wondering of "Where's this all going to go?"

It helps that Adam Weppler's Seth is practically a polar opposite, initially coming off as an almost wide-eyed innocent who seems casually caught up in this strange new world that is so weirdly out there that most people probably would have turned around and gone back home once they hit the doorstep. 

Not Seth.

While she's given the least to work with Catherine Corcoran is mesmerizing as Abby, a sexy and mysterious partner for Richard whose motivations are never quite clear yet whose entire being oozes just the right amount of sincerity. It's hard not to fall in love with someone who has Troma credits to her name. Corcoran takes a one-note role and makes it her own. 

With his debut feature, Bloomquist has crafted an intriguing thriller, the obvious tension building in inventive ways that leave you guessing for a good majority of the film. While the inevitable twist comes, ultimately not a huge surprise but not predictable enough to detract too much from the film's overall success, Long Lost largely works best on the strength of its small but in sync and compelling ensemble cast. 

Production credits are solid across the board including Gyom Amphoux's original music and the lensing of Thomson Nguyen. 

Long Lost arrives through all your usual VOD channels on 4/10/19. It's definitely worth your time and I'll be looking forward to seeing what comes next from Bloomquist. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic