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Annie Lamoureux, Brad Ebach, and George Duffey
Josh Etter

 "Left For Dead" Review 
This low-budget indie short out of Franklin, Indiana as they head out cross country in the kind of RV that seems tailor made for such a horrific tale.  Everything isn't smooth sailing for Jennifer (Annie Lamoureux), Ted (Brad Ebach) and Stan (George Duffey), however, when a mysterious psychopath begins stalking their every move with deadly intentions.

Left For Dead has made a few Central Indiana appearances including at GenCon, one of the largest gaming conventions in North America. Written and directed by Hoosier Josh Etter, Left For Dead was filmed at locations in Franklin and Samara, Indiana. The film takes a classic set up, teens on a getaway, and spins it in such a way that eventually it all begins to make sense.

The acting in Left For Dead is hit-and-miss, with the film's overall tone leaning more towards a Tromaesque adventure than a more serious hardcore flick. Virgil Franklin's mood-setting original music lends the film a nice eerie quality. Production credits overall are about as expected for an ultra-low budget horror flick.

For more information on Left for Dead, visit the Left For Dead Facebook page.

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