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Naomi Mack, Brett Bagwell
Brett Bagwell
12 Mins.

 "Late Nights and Beautiful Mornings" a Thoughtful Short 

During a late night Uber home, a young woman decides to call her ex to find out the real reason their relationship ended. Naomi Mack is the heart and soul of writer/director Brett Bagwell's thoughtful 12-minute short film Late Nights and Beautiful Mornings, an ambitious and attractively lensed short film that benefits greatly from Mack's intuitive and emotionally honest turn as the searching Amia. 

Late Nights and Beautiful Mornings seeks to accomplish a lot in its 12-minute running time, at times to its detriment, but it's also the kind of film that has you running over to IMDB as the closing credits roll wondering to yourself "Who the heck is this Naomi Mack?"

It's unsurprising that after several short films we're starting to see her name pop up in such projects as Lovecraft Country, American Soul, and Long Slow Exhale. 

Trust me, we'll be seeing more of Naomi Mack. 

While the rest of Late Nights and Beautiful Mornings never quite lives up to Mack, with his fourth short film Bagwell has crafted a meaningful film that deserved far greater attention than that offered by the pandemic-influenced fest season that started in 2020 and seemingly continues on through 2021. Gage Gilmore's original music matches the film's introspective rhythms while lensing from Joshua Heetderks is immersive and atmospheric. This is a busy film despite the relative simplicity of its story and Marquis Mosley's editing work makes it all feel crisp and precise. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic