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Jackson Janowicz, Kara Koepfer, Mitch Etchason, Robert Dooley, and Sean Myers
Charlie Wessel, Emily Fischer
Bridget Murray
4 Mins.


 "It Sticks" Picks Up Prize in Heartland High School Film Competition 

A simple and yet memorable four-minute short film that picked up an Honorable Mention Prize from the 2014 Heartland Film Festival High School Film Competition, It Sticks follows an unnamed boy who awakens to the start of another school day and spends his day wearing the statements, names, labels, and other negative identifiers that he hears and experiences throughout his day. Then, perhaps not surprisingly yet still beautifully, It Sticks reminds us of the power that one person has to break that cycle.

Written by Bridget Murray and co-directed by Charlie Wessel and Emily Fischer, It Sticks is an ingenious little student short that takes an idea that is so simple you'll likely find yourself watching the screen going "How has no one thought of that before?"


The film is nicely acted while being mostly reliant of the physicality of its performers, and Jason Shaw's music serves as the perfect companion to the film's serious yet entertainingly presented message.

This year's High School Film Competition finalists were all particularly strong and It Sticks will likely be one of the films that will have you leaving the theater with a smile on your face.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic