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Sara Ruth Blake, Timothy J. Cox, and Abigail Spitler
Sophie Peters-Wilson
4 Mins.

 "It's Not You" is a Short, Meaningful Film 
Timothy J. Cox, Sara Ruth Blake and Abigail Spitler in "It's Not You"

Written and directed by Sophie Peters-Wilson, It's Not You is a breezy, 4-minute short film following a young girl (Abigail Spitler) after she discovers her parents' (Timothy J. Cox and Sara Ruth Blake) impending divorce. As she travels back to individual moments that she's spent with her family, she revisits each happy memory now with a different perspective.

It's Not You is a short yet meaningful film largely devoid of dialogue, yet saying much through the body language of all three characters, whose bodies ache tension and whose faces wear the passage of time. It's Not You does an excellent job of portraying the impact of our own perceptions and biases on our life experiences, while also revealing quietly and honestly how those perceptions and biases can change over time. Indeed, as our young girl begins to reflect on her life experiences it becomes apparent that how she's seeing those experiences is forever altered.

There is sadness in It's Not You, though not overwhelmingly so. Instead, the film possesses a sense of resignation and surrender truth and what life is becoming. It's a sliver of life type of film, a touching and memorable moment in time that lingers, it would seem, for both the characters in the story and those watching the film.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic