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Marcella Edgecombe-Craig, Christopher Keddie, Joseph Loughrell, Leila Reid, Omer Warman
Gideon Blackman
14 Mins.

 "It's No Game" a Solid Short From Gideon Blackman 
 In writer/director Gideon Blackman's It's No Game, a man (Omer Warman) dies and is given a second shot at life - the only problem is that he comes back as his ex-girlfriend. 


A dark, supernatural comedy with a bit of a twisted sensibility, this 14-minute short film has a definite slacker sensibility to it thanks to the laid back vibe cast forth from Omer Warman and the rest of the cast. There's really not anything brilliant going on here, but this is 14 minutes you will likely enjoy and probably laugh along the way. 

In addition to a fine ensemble cast, It's No Game features solid tech credits including Robert Szabo's camera work and his special/visual effects that transcend the films' microcinema budget. 

It's No Game is the kind of no budget cinema that the digital world has made possible for a world of indie filmmakers whose major obstacle has always been financing. Blackman's script may not tread any new ground and the film itself may not necessarily distinguish itself greatly, but it's a well done low-budget effort that I enjoyed while watching. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic