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James Bowman
James Bowman
3 Mins.

 "Incognito Lounge" an Entertaining Animated Short Film 

In writer/director James Bowman's three-minute animated short film Incognito Lounge, Brandon is an alien living on Earth who has had a bad day. To unwind, Brandon stops into the Incognito Lounge, a place where he can chill out and tell all his problems to their alien bartender, a dude named Al. 

While there isn't much that can unfold in the span of a three minute short film, Bowman, who also handles vocals for the film, packs in as much as he can with a pleasing color palette and entertaining music, also by Bowman, that should help the film find a home on the indie/microcinema fest circuit if that's the direction Bowman chooses to go with the project. However, it appears that Bowman has made the film available online with links available through the film's Facebook page linked to in the credits to the left of this review. 

The film also includes the original song "What I'm Thinking" that's available via iTunes, Spotify and on 

Incognito Lounge is an entertaining animated short film, a solid indie effort by Bowman in what largely was a one man show with the exception of Ajamu Frasier's work as art supervisor. The film is artistically pleasing, fun to watch and picking up a copy of it is a great way to support an up-and-coming indie filmmaker. 

For more information on Incognito Lounge, visit the film's Facebook page. 

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