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The Independent Critic

Josh Raskin
Running Time
5 Mins.
John Lennon, Jerry Levitan

 "I Met the Walrus" Review 
It's probably not a surprise that "I Met the Walrus," Josh Raskin's 5-minute animated short that includes live audio of a 14-year-old interviewer's 1969 interview with John Lennon, is a darn fine film. It was, after all, a 2007 Oscar nominee for Best Animated Short. However, we all know that the Academy is occasionally off their rocker and these smaller categories can sometimes be filled with the most bizarre nominees. Rest assured, "I Met the Walrus" was a worthy nominee. While a win would have been surprising, "I Met the Walrus" is a uniquely animated short that includes a variety of Beatles iconography including that from "Yellow Submarine" and references to Lennon's well known peace stance. The animation itself is a bit raw and sort of resembles Lennon's own known graphics work, and listening to the interview itself is completely captivating.