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The Independent Critic

Anna Curtis, Michael Harrison, Cole Jenkins
Sean Oliver
7 Mins.


 "Hitting Home" Spoofs Reality TV 

Written and directed by Sean Oliver, this 7-minute short explores the "reality of reality television," that ultimately serves as a predictably cheesy short film that largely skewers those who create the hyped up drama and faux conflicts and attention-seeking behaviors that pass for entertainment amongst much of what qualifies as contemporary "reality television."

The film is intended as a comic short, though I will admit sending the film to a domestic violence activist may not have been the wisest move on the part of the filmmaker. While I understand the amped up dramas one finds within the world of reality television, there's a gravitas to the subject matter that isn't particularly funny and the film's stilted dialogue and over-the-top performances don't make it funny. Hitting Home ends up playing more like a spoof that takes itself too seriously.

"Reality Should Hurt,"  but watching a short film shouldn't.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic