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Tim Casey, Eileen Fennel
John McGovern

 "Harry Stands Up" Hitting the Festival Circuit 

Harry (Tim Casey) is a lonely man who spends his days watching cartoons and taking orders from his mother (Eileen Fennel) in writer/director John McGovern's eight-minute dark comedy Harry Stands Up. When a robin, the bird not the superhero sidekick, enters Harry's life, suddenly his life has a spark and, as you probably already guessed, Harry stands up.

The film is the follow-up film from Bourne in the Lock, the team behind the award-winning short Barty Carty. Finished just before the holidays, Harry Stands Up is kicking off its festival circuit and should have no problem finding a spot on the indie/microcinema fest circuit. As Harry, Tim Casey is a dark and melancholy figure whose facial expressions alone largely elicit laughs from the film's more humorous moments. These moments also come courtesy of a sadly uncredited cat, whose presence gives the film a fun, light spark.

Peadar O Briain's lensing is lively and fun, while Jonathan Bogle's original score gives the film a spirited companion for the simple yet effective story that unfolds. Harry Stands Up relies more on the performance of Casey than it does his actual dialogue, a reliance that pays off as one never knows quite whether to laugh or cry or get chilled with Casey's winning performance.

For more information on the film, visit its Facebook page linked to in the credits.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic