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The Independent Critic

Sophie Barthes
Running Time
10 Mins.
Elzbieta Czyzewska
 "Happiness" Review 
"Happiness," not to be confused with the Will Smith or Todd Solondz films, is a delightful and moving film from French director Sophie Barthes. Filmed in near silence, "Happiness" is a rather abstract film that follows a middle-aged woman who seemingly leads a rather methodical existence in a factory testing condoms for leaks.
Exploring the idea that you can buy happiness in a box, Barthes has created a film that is surprisingly insightful, touching, funny and tender. Elzbieta Czyzewska is a wondrous blend of innocence, hope, despair and resilience and the film's accompanying musical score perfectly complements the many shades of the central character.
With simplicity and a light touch of absurdity, Barthes has created a gentle, easygoing film filled to the brim with big ideas that playfully and tenderly unfold.