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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Michael J. Saul
Written by
Heath Daniels
Heath Daniels, Iva Turner, Matthew Bridges, Michael Estime, Korken Alexander
Running Time: 20 Mins.

 "Go-Go Reject" Review 
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Behind a delightfully spot-on performance by writer/producer and star Heath Daniels, Go-Go Reject is one of the true gems of the 2010 Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, an energetic, inspiring and feel good story about Yogurt World employee Daniel Ferguson's (Heath Daniels) dreams of breaking into the West Hollywood go-go scene. Alas, Daniel is deemed too scrawny at club after club despite having talent that is far and above anything you'll ever see in any of the clubs.

Of course, we all know that "dancing" isn't exactly the primary requirement for West Hollywood go-go dancers now, don't we?

Directed by Michael J. Saul, who also makes a brief cameo, Go-Go Reject nails the perfect blend between heart and humor in a way that brings to mind that Parker/Stone flick, Orgazmo!, where a young Mormon finds himself breaking into the porn industry.

Sound irreverent? Oh yes, it is. It's also incredibly sweet, surprisingly joyous and very, very funny.

Daniels is absolutely fetching here, weaving his way around sexy and sweet, sincere and naughty with equal zest. As Daniel begins to envision a way to accomplish his dream, you can't help but root for him as Daniels brings him to life with so much gosh darn likability that you want this young man to dance, you want this young man to fall in love and, well, you want this guy to end up happy.

Daniels is surrounded by quite the supporting cast, as well, including a delightful co-worker (Iva Turner), a mentor (Korken Alexander) and Matthew Bridges as Matthew.

John Honoré's camera work maintains the film's vibrant energy, while Saul edits the film crisply with excellent pacing and energy throughout. Katie Shattuck's production design is inspired itself, a lively blend of color and tone that helps the film stay heartfelt even when the action occasionally goes a bit over the top.

Currently on the film festival circuit, Go-Go Reject will undoubtedly be a festival fave with its comfortable mix of laughs with "awww" moments. 20 minutes isn't nearly enough time spent with characters this delightful!