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Christina Bianco. Paul Cereghino, Rick Crom
Fred M. Caruso
78 Mins.
QC Cinema

 "Go Go Crazy" Has an Audience - It Ain't Me  
There is no question that Go Go Crazy has an audience, a film from the crew that gave us the vastly superior The Big Gay Musical.

It ain't me, but I can imagine that those who have an appreciation for the campier and more "inside joke" side of gay cinema will find moments and bodies to enjoy with this mockumentary about a group of guys vying for the top $1,000 prize in the "Go Go Crazy" contest.

The film opens up with our five finalists being named. They include Connor (Ryan Windish), Vinny (Nick Kenkel), Chase T. Cox (Paul Cereghino), Ken (Eric Spear) and 2011 Mr. Chicago Michael Cusumano as an outrageously over-the-top Russian ballet dancer. The hostess of the festivities is Hedda Lettuce, played endearingly by Steven Polito, whose character pretty much has the most substance in the film.

The contest's judges include a porn star (Jake Steel), an impersonator (Christina Bianco) and the club's owner (Rick Crom). Together, this trio gives the film much of its spark with Christina Bianco especially shining through. Of course, if you're into a different kind of, um, "asset," then you may find yourself preferring Jake Steel.

The film can't help but bring to mind recent similarly themed short film Go Go Reject, a much funnier and more satisfying experience. I kept wanting to find myself absorbed and engrossed in Go Go Crazy, but even an abundance of energy and good-hearted goofiness couldn't ultimately sustain the film.

Writer/director Fred M. Caruso certainly has fun with the material, and there's a huge part of me (No, not that part silly!) that thinks that the film's target audience will enjoy the film quite a bit. In addition to Bianco's satisfying performance, Paul Cereghino is an absolutely hoot and Eric Spear does a nice job as the more innocent Ken.

Go Go Crazy has been picked up for release by QC Cinema, the LGBT arm of Breaking Glass Pictures and their built in LGBT audience should turn this into a popular release. For more information, click on the "Buy this Film" link and visit the QC Cinema website.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic