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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Douglas Moser
Frederick J. Stroppel
Running Time
28 Mins.

 "Glacier Bay" Review 

Artie (James Noble, best known as the Governor from the "Benson" television series) and Connie (newcomer Dorothy Bryce) are an elderly "couple" attending a party following their grand-nephew's confirmation in "Glacier Bay," a bittersweet look at a couple dealing with the husband's ever-worsening Alzheimer's Disease. At times quite funny, "Glacier Bay" is just as often a powerful, tender and difficult film. As the elderly man losing his grip on reality, Noble offers a remarkable performance of tenderness, sweetness and, at times, downright hilarity. While Bryce's performance isn't up to part with that of Noble's, her interactions with Artie make "Glacier Bay" a valuable film to watch. Written by Frederick J. Stoppel and directed by Douglas Moser, "Glacier Bay" is a spirited film with an important message about a subject that touches thousands of lives every year.