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Jason Zednick, John Walter, Jennifer Silverstein, Marco Torriani, and Jacob Stafford
Pablo Bonelli

 "Gasmask" a suspenseful indie short  

In writer/director Pablo Bonelli's Gasmask, a scavenger (Jason Zednick) in a ravaged wasteland comes across an abandoned house deep in the woods with a family living there led by Larkin (John Walter), a dark guy whose very looks you don't trust from the moment you lay eyes on him. After an initial confrontation, they invite him in for food yet nothing is as it seems and suddenly the post-apocalyptic world that now exists isn't nearly as frightening as those who live inside this isolated house.

Described as a "high concept" short, Gasmask serves up an intimate story with universal implications. It's a dark yet riveting vision that Bonelli creates aided by the stellar lensing of D.P. Mingjue Hue. Hue manages to capture a world that feels faintly familiar yet otherworldly and paints a cinematic vision that embodies the best of both the sci-fi and horror worlds. Filmed in a tight four-day shoot utilizing the Arri Alexa with Cooke S2 lenses, Gasmask is a haunting film that lingers in the psyche long after the closing credits.

Gasmask picked up the Audience Award at the Dam Short Film Festival and picked up cinematography prizes at Austin's Other Worlds and the 24FPS Festival in addition to a few other prizes throughout its festival run.

The film benefits greatly from the normalcy of lead Jason Zednick's performance along with the haunting performance of John Walter. Jennifer Silverstein also shines as the wife who is sort of compassionate with a wink.

For more information on Gasmask, visit the film's official website linked to in the credits.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic