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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Jeff Bellantine
Written by
Mara Lesemann
Carlo Fiorletta, Christopher Alan Weaver, Xavier Rodney, Nikiya Palombi, Julie Kilzer, Gary Gustin, Troy Dane, Alex Bellantine, Alyson Linefsky
Running Time
17 Mins.

 "Foreclosed" Review 
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Mark Moyer (Carlo Fiorletta) has nothing left to lose.

Wife dead. Cancer.

Home. Foreclosed.

Banker Carl Tierney (Gary Gustin) doesn't enjoy this part of his job, a part of his job he's doing all too often these days. Carl's son, Jason (Christopher Alan Weaver), just wants to stop being bullied by Frankie Tanner (Xavier Rodney). Just hoping to be left alone in the future, Jason steals the keys to one of his father's foreclosed homes (guess which one!) so that Frankie and his girl Ginny (Nikiya Palombi) can get a way.

Have I mentioned that Mark Moyer has nothing left to lose?

Set against the backdrop of the nation's economic crisis, a horror movie if ever there has been one, Foreclosed is a 17-minute short written by Mara Lesemann and directed by Jeff Bellantine in which what initially feels like not much more than your average teen drama quickly becomes much, much more.

Foreclosed has already played at several film festivals nationwide and has captured prizes at Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (Best Local Short), Terror Film Festival (Honorable Mention) and Indie Gathering (3rd Place).

Lesemann's script is a brilliant and timely idea, blending two subjects receiving a wealth of media attention lately... the economy and bullying, and Bellantine paces the film quite nicely with a build-up that is both ordinary and anxiety-inducing that leads to the film's final scenes. D.P. Laura Thies nicely captures the home's psychic shift since the happier times between Mark and his late wife. The cast is strongly headed by Carlo Fiorletta as the grieving Moyer, a man who has reached the end and refuses to allow anything to taint the memory of his wife. The remainder of the cast is more hit-and-miss, with Nikiya Palombi leaving the strongest impression among the trio of leads.