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Brian Sumner, Christian Hosoi, Jay Haizlip, Steve Caballero
Brian Sumner
Est. 60 Mins.
Echolight Entertainment

 "Foolishness" a Terrific DVD Release from Echolight 
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 When they were teenagers, Christian Hosoi and Brian Sumner were skateboarding legends who helped shape a culture while reaching astonishing heights within the skateboarding world in terms of their innovation and their success. They were considered "celebrities" among those in what many would consider to be an alternative culture. To some, they were even heroes. 

They would tell you that they were fools. Then, they decided to give their lives to the only cause that matters and they've never looked back while also remaining visible and relevant in the world that they knew. 

After becoming Christians, Hosoi and Sumner grew in their faith and eventually came to minister to America's youth in a way that few people ever could. In fact, if we're being honest, they reached a segment of the youth population that a good majority of today's pastors wouldn't have a hope of reaching. Armed with hardcore biblical teachings, their own powerful testimonies, street cred and insights, and a seemingly tireless enthusiasm the two continue to share a message that simply can't be ignored and is reaching youth across the nation. 

Foolishness is far more than a skateboarding video. It's a 60-minute daily devotional filled to the brim with Gospel teachings and personal insights all dwelling deep within the world and culture that has been so much a part of their lives. The DVD, which has been picked up for distribution by Echolight Entertainment, is a witness tool that features some of professional skateboarding's biggest names who are now also using their gifts and talents to reach out to youth and to minister to those in need. 

Foolishness quite obviously won't appeal to anyone, but it should appeal to those who have a desire to reach youth using a language that they can understand. By weaving together their skating with scripture and testimony, Hosoi and Sumner have created a ministry tool that is beautifully presented, informative, entertaining and grounded deep within Gospel teachings. 

The DVD's goals are crystal clear:

  • Empower kids to stand against the pressures they face at school
  • Give the kids what they need to be fearless in their faith as they are at the skate park
  • Show them that we, as their adult guides and mentors, recognize a truth that they face daily - A righteous life is the greatest rebellion. 

Foolishness is certainly preaching to the choir, but it's preaching to the choir in a way that's unique and inspired and a joy to watch. Check out the film's web page for yourself by following the link in the credits on this page and you can order the DVD straight from that page!

© Written by Richard Propes 
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