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Dylan Cinti, Jim Evans, Sammy Gurevich
Justin Leyba

 "Finding Johnny" Makes You Think 

Chicago-based filmmaker Justin Leyba's four-minute short film Finding Johnny is a touching short film about an aging man (Jim Evans) wandering about in search of his son Johnny. 

It's difficult to say too much about a four-minute short film without giving it all away, but suffice it to say that writer/director Leyba's film is one that tells a simple story, tells it well and leaves with a strong impact in place as the closing credits roll by. 

Jim Evans makes it all convincing by playing the key character as neither too sympathetic nor as a caricature despite the relative familiarity of his situation. When Dylan (Dylan Cinti) comes to assist him, rather than playing it all for melodrama the story simply plays out with a gentle ache of familiarity and heartfelt honesty. 

Grace Pisula's lensing is pristine, while Fredrik Lindahl's original score serves as a gentle companion for the film. Finding Johnny was originally filmed as part of a short film competition where it captured first prize and the film should have quite a bit of success on the indie/underground fest circuit. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
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