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Gerald Zarcilla, Skyrah Palli, Keiko Tsukioka McKeown, Katerina Misichroni, Venetia Grivas, Rebecca Bell and Yiannis Alexiou
Paris Zarcilla
Paris Zarcilla, Ruth Tien An Whittle

 "Feel Flows" a Tremendous Music Short 
Feel Flows is fresh off a big win for Best Music Video at the 2013 London Independent Film Festival, but if we're being honest it would have been an even bigger surprise if the eight minute short film for artist Slow Magic hadn't won the thing because this is one mighty fine short film/music video.

Co-written and directed by Paris Zarcilla, Feel Flows centers around a neo-tribal hunter (Gerald Zarcilla) trying to save his dying wife (Skyrah Palli) from the clutches of death. To do so, he goes to consult with three oracles ... before it's too late. The entire film was self-funded and filmed in-house over the course of three days. The final result is a short film/music video that tells a beautiful and meaningful story while also serving as the perfect companion for a piece of truly stellar music.

Feel Flows has a look and feel to it that sort of evokes memories of the band Enigma's early video work while making a unique and hypnotic statement all its own. The term "neo-tribal" certainly fits the video perfectly, both in terms of its story and its visual presentation.

While Feel Flows is a music video and celebrating the song is essentially, Zarcilla has cast the film perfectly and all the players do a tremendous job of capturing the substance within the song. The lensing by Mark Silk and Matt Taylor is exceptional in the way it weaves together both the mystical and the practical into one. Kudos as well must be given for Amy Addison's art direction and Toby Browne's thoughtful and moving set design. The entire crew, quite honestly, deserves applause for their top notch work here.

For more information on Feel Flows, visit the website linked to in the credits on the left.

© Written by Richard Propes
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