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Tarra Riggs, Regina Williams
Amanda Spencer
Amanda Spencer, Toby Osborne

 "Every Grain of Sand" an Involving, Meaningful Short Film 

Independent Spirit Award nominees Tarra Riggs (Ballast) and Regina Williams ((Life and Nothing More) put on an acting showcase in Amanda Spencer's short film Every Grain of Sand, an involving and meaningful film about two sisters who, burdened by guilt, emotionally confront their resentment and remorse before finding a way to let go of their past. 

Co-written by Spencer with Toby Osborne, Every Grain of Sand is an emotionally honest film filled to the brim with authenticity that takes place in the grimness of a run-down trailer home where Mae (Riggs) spends her days taking care of her ailing sister, Lily (Williams). There's a friction between the two right away, an unspoken chasm of repressed emotions creating the kind of stress that practically guarantees to either bubble over or cause one or both of the sisters to implode. 

The film possesses an almost suffocating aura of despair, the kind of inescapable hopelessness that feels both incredibly familiar and remarkably believable. Both Riggs and Williams do wonderful work here, capturing that despair yet also capturing the subtle little nuances of each character's emotional and physical journey. Williams, as well, captures the stark vulnerability of a woman whose life reflects poor choices and a need that goes beyond the physical. 

A low budget short that occasionally is hindered by its technical limitations, Every Grain of Sand is still a wonderful, resonant effort that should play incredibly well on the indie fest circuit and serves as a reminder of the immense talent of both of these actresses. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic