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Anthony Edwards, Charles Dance, Jenny Seagrove
Willi Patterson
Geoff Morrow
95 Mins.
Curb Entertainment (DVD, 2011)

 "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" Review 
This 1999 film involves a hypnotic love triangle - literally. The latest DVD release from Curb Entertainment, Don't Go Breaking My Heart centers around Suzanne (Jenny Seagrove), a beautiful woman with two suitors, a successful yet philandering dentist (Charles Dance) and an American in London (Anthony Edwards) who's decidedly less conceited but also considerably less well off.

Can a person be hypnotized to fall in love? This is the question that lies at the very heart of this romantic comedy-drama, a film that hasn't aged particularly well and even at a mere 20+ years old feels much older with its classic pop tunes, faded visuals and very 90's feel. That said, Edwards is a solid actor and the Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor is a nice fit with Seagrove.

The film features a relatively early score for Rolfe Kent, and he nicely companions the film with a light, breezy score that makes the 95-minute film run quite smoothly. D.P. Vernon Layton's camera work beautifully captures London rather affectionately.

Released on June 21st at retail and online video outlets nationwide, Don't Go Breaking My Heart is a solid pick for fans of Edwards or Charles Dance, who has never met a cad he couldn't play to perfection.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic