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The Independent Critic

Steffen Weinert
Running Time
13 Mins.
Steffen Groth, Chantal Hourticolon, Nina Weniger

 "Der Aufreisser (The Pick-Up Artist)" Review 

Winner of a Special Jury Award for Best Foreign Short at the Lake County Film Festival in 2008, "Der Aufreisser" is a delightful short film about one man's encounter with the six-year-old daughter of what he'd hoped would be a simple one-night stand. The chemistry between Hourticolon, the young girl named Yvonne, and Groth as Olli is both sweet and funny. The script from Steffen Weinert is pointed, especially from the point of view of the wise beyond her years Yvonne. Easily one of the highlights of the 2008 Lake County Film Festival, "Der Aufreisser" is a tender and humorous look at one girl's determination to change her mother's dating ways and, at the same time, find herself a dad.