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Timothy J. Cox, Misti Dawn Garritano
Mackenzie Leigh Barmen, Misti Dawn Garritano
Misti Dawn Garritano
3 Mins.

 "Denial" an Entertaining 3-Minute Short Film 

Misti Dawn Garritano, "Denial"

Written and co-directed by Misti Dawn Garritano, Denial is a breezy and entertaining comedy short starring Garritano and Timothy J. Cox as a married couple having just another happy day in their married life. 

Garritano and Cox have a nice chemistry here, their relaxed performances adding laughs to the film's climactic scene and infusing everything that builds up to it with a lightly humorous warmth. The film's production quality is solid throughout with co-director Mackenzie Leigh Barmen lensing the film beautifully and Tessa Dolce's woodwinds adding an unexpectedly enjoyable and slightly irreverent soundtrack of sorts to the film. 

Denial goes by quickly, most three-minute films do, but it's an enjoyable effort and married couples may very well giggle with familiarity by film's end. You can catch more about the film at their official Instagram page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic