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The Independent Critic

Ray Tintori
Running Time
12 Mins.
Jeff Delauter, Sophia Holman, Max Goldblatt, Lee Pender, Michael Preston, Marvin Illman

 "Death to the Tinman" Review 

Speaking of a film that seems to be trying desperately to be cool, "Death to the Tinman" is a stylish yet considerably more satisfying short film from Ray Tintori. that plays out like the sort of fairy tale Trent Reznor would make if Trent Reznor ever got a hankering to make a short film.

Shot in a very retro looking black-and-white style with a Chaplinesque production design that is both humorous and strangely moving, "Death to the Tinman" could easily be labeled as a swashbuckling film-noir with touches of grindhouse and a few other genres thrown in for good measure. While not everything always blends together seamlessly and, again, the film in moments felt a tad pretentious and consciously stylish, its unique style, offbeat characters and consistently engaging performances combine to make the film an entertaining and rewarding experience.