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Kiley Eberhard, Gavin Eddings, Wendy Brown, and Kevin Roach
Ryan McCurdy


 "Deadly Damsel" Gets Set for Film Fest Circuit 

Evansville, Indiana filmmaker Ryan McCurdy is back for another round with his latest short film, Deadly Damsel, a dark superhero styled action/thriller that was only recently completed and is getting ready for the indie/micro fest circuit where McCurdy's unique vision and the film's jarringly unstable lensing should combine to make the film a popular choice on the circuit. 

In the film, two of the city's worst supervillains have kidnapped a city-councilman, a city-councilman who seemingly has a love/hate relationship with the only one likely able to stop these supervillains - the Deadly Damsel. She can, in all likelihood, stop these supervillains in their tracks. 

Does she want to?

While Deadly Damsel is hindered by the usual sound mix issues one often finds with ultra-low budget indies, there are splashes of brilliance to be found in the film and an awful lot of fun thanks to an ensemble cast that clearly understands what McCurdy was going for with the film. 

Not quite as cohesive a project as McCurdy's last film, the entertaining Misread, Deadly Damsel still projects growth by McCurdy as it's a more ambitious project indicating continued growth for the young filmmaker. The Independent Critic looks forward to continued opportunities to check out McCurdy's films in the future. 

© Written by Richard Propes
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