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Michael T. Coleman, Brandon Herman, Jonathan Shockley
Brad Jones (as B.C. Jones)

 "Dada" Review 
Dada is an absurdist short film chronicling the experiences of two brothers, absurdly portrayed by Michael T. Coleman and Brandon Herman, attempting to steal back Marcel Duchamp's shovel from their arch-nemesis, Oswald Bosch (Jonathan Shockley).

Bosch, a fat bastard if ever there was one, looks like he'd be right at home inside a Parker Brothers board game, and is awesomely brought to life by Shockley. He sort of brings to mind the sort of aristocratic type you might find in any number of British comedies and, in fact, Dada feels as if it could easily be drawn out to a feature-length film with its unique weaving together of absurdism, wry comedy and stellar characterizations.

While Bosch is the film's highlight, Michael T. Coleman and Brandon Herman also shine as the two brothers who become determined not to let this "fat bastard" get the best of them.

Brian Hawlk's original music fits the film perfectly, spritely capturing the film's absurdity without ever taking it over the top. Francisco Bulgarelli's lensing brings to mind the work of Terry Gilliam in the way it captures both the lunacy and the humanity with equal zest. While the film's costuming is absurd, especially those intentionally absurd mustaches, you'd be utterly absurd if you didn't appreciate this nearly 13-minute short film from 2008.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic