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David Faustino, David Carradine, Michael York, Chris Conrad
Mark Freed
Mark Freed, Dave Tedder
Rated R
96 Mins.
Cheezy Flicks (DVD)

 "Criminal Desire" is Definitely Not Married With Cheese 
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 Criminal Desire has a 70's thriller look and feel to it, but the film actually was made in 1999 and just so happens to star for Married With Children star David Faustino as Private Investigator Darrel Chisum, who learns of the disappearance of a billionaire's (David Carradine) daughter and agrees to take the case. His investigation, with the help of a good friend (Chris Conrad) with a background in the fashion industry, leads him to Vision Advertising, a modeling agency run by an obviously sleazy mogul (Michael York). 

To give you an idea of what to expect from Criminal Desire, which was also released under the title Lovers & Liars, the film has been picked up by those fine and fun folks at Cheezy Flicks for a home video release. So, if you happen to read the one quite positive review on IMDB for the film you should probably take that review with a grain of salt. 

Faustino has actually done some rather solid indie work post-Married With Children, but this ain't it. You can even tell by looking at the cover that everything about this film screams out truly cheesy flick, though it is better than you might expect and both Faustino and York are at least giving it an effort. 

Criminal Desire has just about a little bit of everything - high fashion, sex, murder, intrigue, human slavery and corporate greed. If it sounds like it could be your kinda thing, you should definitely scoot yourself on over to the Cheezy Flicks website and check it out along with the rest of their collection. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
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