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Joe Mastrino, Heather VanderWielen, Shirin Caiola
Satya Kharkar
Satya Kharkar, Mary Trimble
97 Mins.

 "Coin Toss" an Audience Fave at Route 66 Film Fest 
The debut film from Chicago filmmaker Satya Kharkar, Coin Toss picked up an Audience Award at the Route 66 Film Festival and may very well prove to be popular among those folks who appreciate the ultra-indie scene with a decidedly inspirational flavor.

Coin Toss is the inspirational tale of Tom Bennett (Joe Mastrino), a young man who is always trying to do the right thing but whose luck seems to change at the toss of a coin. His good intentions keep getting derailed by a scheming fiancee' and a hustler, both of whom are really out to get a $350 million meal ticket that is basically waiting for Bennett.

There's going to be a whole lot more happen before everything gets resolved in Coin Toss, but there's no doubt that Tom is ultimately going to learn what's really worth winning.

Coin Toss had its Chicago area premiere at the Hollywood Cinemas in Woodridge on 9/16/12, followed by its appearance at Springfield's Route 66 Film Festival. The film already has a screening lined up in March, and this time the film goes overseas at London's Maharashtra Mandal London.

While this is Kharkar's first feature film, he's already made a bit of a name for himself with his efforts to make shorts and an upcoming doc that are both heartfelt and thought-provoking. Coin Toss is very much along those lines, a film that takes an inspirational and heart-centered message and plants it deep inside a familiar yet authentic story.

As is nearly always true for these types of ultra-indies, the acting can be a bit suspect at times and the story does follow along rather predictably. Yet, there's an audience for just this type of film who will be inspired by Kharkar and the film that he's created. Joe Mastrino does anchor the film quite nicely, embodying his character with a genuine humanity and a compelling heart.

For more information on Coin Toss, visit the film's website linked to in the credits.

© Written by Richard Propes
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