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The Independent Critic

Batuhan Gun, Semiha Kabakcioglu, and Hande Karabulut
Tofic Rzayev
6 Mins.

 "Coffee & Milk" a Suspenseful Short 

Part one of Tofic Rzayev's Unofficial "Assortment Trilogy," Coffee & Milk is a dark and suspenseful 6-minute short film about a woman in her early 20's who leaves work early, though the short cuts she takes on her walk home have an unwanted companion as an unwelcome suitor is dying to meet her.

Written and directed by Rzayev, Coffee & Milk was written in an hour and shot in one day. While this isn't necessarily that uncommon for low-budget productions, it is impressive given the challenges Rzayev faced in terms of lighting and locale. The film, while a tad too dark at times, is actually well written and constructed to maximize the paranoia-inducing sensation one gets while walking alone in the dark even in familiar areas.

Coffee & Milk is far more about atmosphere and environment than it is about performance. In essence, even the actors in the film are part of the production design and it all weaves itself together quite nicely. The film was an official selection at the Golden Island International Film Festival and supports the promise that Rzayev has shown in his efforts since this film.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic