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Patrick G. Keenan, Kevin Helms
Adam York
Dave Harlequin
20 Mins.

 "Closing Time" Continues on Successful Fest Journey 

In director Adam York's nearly 20-minute Closing Time, Kevin Helms is Jerry Faulk, an aging bartender at a rather isolated roadhouse dive bar whose slow night is interrupted by an unusual visitor, Michael (Patrick G. Keenan). While not exactly thrilled at the unwanted interruption just as he was about to close up early, the two very different men find unexpected common ground. 

Of course, nothing is quite what it seems. 

Closing Time has proven to be successful on the ultra-indie fest circuit with prizes at the Big Fandom Film Festival (Best in Show, Best Screenplay), Carolina Short Film and Screenwriting Showcase (Best Original Screenplay, Short Film), Hyart Film Festival (Best Horror Short), MystiCon Independent Film Festival (Best in Show), and Queen City Shorts (QC Film Award, June Showcase). The film has several other festivals to screen at to close out 2018 before a planned release in 2019. 

Closing Time, adapted for the screen based off a short story/novella by Dave Harlequin, doesn't exactly possess an unexpected story line but it does possess a never less than entertaining one courtesy of the fine performances by the leading duo of Kevin Helms and Patrick G. Keenan. The two veterans of the indie scene clearly understand what drives these two characters and they bring them to life quite nicely, creating both a believable chemistry and an undeniable tension. While I had the 20-minute film pegged from beginning to end within the first minute or two, I still found myself enjoying the back-and-forth banter between the two top notch actors. 

Matthew Ketcham's lensing is atmospheric yet immersive, while the original music by Brad Lafrazia nicely complements the film's multiple layers. Kudos should be given, as well, for the film's inventive and ethereal production design. 

For more information on Closing Time, visit the film's website linked to in the credits. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic