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Francesca Ravera, Andre Vauthey
Andrea Silvestro
Sara Lessona, Andrea Silvestro
13 Mins.

 Short Film "Claire" Continues on Indie Fest Circuit 

Still relatively early in its indie festival run, the 13-minute short film Claire has already picked up a slew of festival awards with several recognizing the fine work of Francesca Ravera in the title role of Claire, whose actions throughout the film exude a sort of mysterious remembrance and sense of melancholy.

Directed by Andrea Silvestro and co-written by Silvestro with Sara Lessona, Claire is an intimate, thoughtful short film that benefits from Gianluca Sanseverino's warm, intimate lensing and a palette of muted, comfortable colors. 

The story itself is rather simple, though you may find yourself wondering just exactly where Silvestro is taking it all and what, precisely, is at the foundation of Claire's quiet little rebellions and seemingly tiny choices that are, in fact, adding up and deeply meaningful for her own journey. In the case of Claire, it's not so much what's at the foundation of the story as it is how Claire actually deals with it all. 

To understand the quality of the film, it's worth noting that in addition to Ravera's performance the film has picked up awards for virtually every aspect of its production including Silvestro's direction along with lensing, production, art design, and for best short. 

For more information on Claire, visit the film's IMDB page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic