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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Danny Grossman
Danny Grossman, Greg Kaczynski, Allegra Hollenbeck, Steve Barr, Mike Ezell
Running time
13 Mins.

 "Children of Scum" Review 

By now, you've probably guessed that I have a certain fondness for the folks at Socal Film Group. While I don't always give their films my highest ratings, I nearly always find them entertaining and uniquely constructed.

"Children of Scum" is the latest short film from Socal Film Group's Danny Grossman, and this 13-minute mockumentary is a laugh out loud funny film reuniting the cast of "Children of Scum" a legendary (at least to the cast) film with stark realism, raw emotions and sort of a "Spinal Tap" meets Christopher Guest mentality.

Danny Grossman looks normal. You wouldn't guess by looking at the guy that his mind could twist in so many different ways, however, "Children of Scum" is proof positive that he's delightfully disturbed.

The cast of "Children of Scum" includes Garrett Garson (Danny Grossman), Erik Von Vandenburgh (Greg Kaczynski) and MeShelle (Allegra Hollenbeck). From the interviews to the film's trailers, the cast excels at capturing the characters humorously without going too far over-the-top.

Grossman gets not only funnier with each short film, but he's becoming an increasingly gifted filmmaker.

As I was watching "Children of Scum" I flashed back to a recent film I'd reviewed from an independent filmmaker. Much like the subject of this short, the film was low-budget, badly acted and yet you almost felt a wink going on the entire time. After I viewed that film, a full-length feature that shall remain unnamed, I also viewed an interview with the filmmaker in which the word "delusional" flashed in my mind numerous times.

Fortunately, "Children of Scum" the short film is nothing like the fictitious feature upon which it is based. "Children of Scum" is a funny, well-acted and expertly written comic short film from Danny Grossman and the Socal Film Group.