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Bragi Schut
Running Time
est. 15 Mins.
Jon Keel, Leslie Stevens

 "Charlie Thistle" Review 
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You may very well hear about "Charlie Thistle" writer/director in the very near future as the screenwriter for Nicolas Cage's upcoming film, "Season of the Witch."

Who knows? Maybe "Season of the Witch" is wonderful.

"Charlie Thistle" is WHY you should be hearing about Bragi Schut.

Charlie (Jon Keel) lives an ordinary life as a drone in the Department of Normalcy, day after day denying every request that comes across his desk for variation, uniqueness, variety and color.

Charlie is good at what he does and promotions come his way, though they never seem to add up to anything remotely different...that is, until Charlie is named Secretary of Adjustments and Modifications.

Then, suddenly, Charlie begins to think "What if?"

Charlie's world and the world around him is never the same.

This world, simultaneously reminiscent of that created in Gary Ross's "Pleasantville" and the recent award-winning Kurt Kuenne short "Validation," is brought vividly and magically to life through the companionship of Schut's imaginative filmmaking and two beautiful leading performances from Jon Keel and Leslie Stevens.

Charlie Thistle is the type of role one might expect from Crispin Glover, an actor known for his ability to portray sensitivity while being completely off-kilter. Keel removes any temptation to compare performances, however, with a performance that is absolutely winning as he goes from an unmotivated and uninspired drone to a man who begins to find the beauty and awe in everyday life. As his supportive and encouraging wife, Leslie Stevens matches Keel beat for beat as she, too, goes from methodical to miraculous.

Wondrously photographed and awe-inspiring in its construction, "Charlie Thistle" is more satisfying in its 15 minute run time than most full-length feature films will be this year.

You may hear about Bragi Schut when "Season of the Witch" is released. You may hear about Schut when the rest of the world discovers "Charlie Thistle." One thing's for will hear about Bragi Schut, a writer and filmmaker to watch!