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The Independent Critic

Anne Judson-Yager, Bree Turner
Damon Santostefano
Claudia Grazioso
Rated PG-13
90 Mins.

 "Bring It On Again" Review 
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Am I really the only Independent Critic whose seen this film? Come's a cheerleader flick...cute girls, bad acting, silly plot...the works...surely someone else has seen it...someone? anyone? Okay, maybe not.

I'm tired of being a martyr for bad cinema. I keep watching these really sub-moronic films in the hope that I might find a jewel in the bunch. Sure, occasionally I do. Mostly, I find films like "Bring It On Again," the completely unnecessary "sequel" to "Bring It On", a cheerleading flick that was made only slightly better by the talents of Kirsten Dunst in the lead role.

This film has Anne Judson-Yager in the lead role, and while she might have a semi resemblance to Dunst, she is completely lacking in film presence and talent. In fact, her only other feature film appearance was a small role in "Minority Report." It may be just a gut feeling, but I'm suggesting going back to small roles until you've participated in a few more acting classes.

The same must be true for the director, who apparently recognized the errors of his/her ways and accepted no credit for the film. The writer, sadly, apparently has no shame.

This film follows the film's original characters (supposedly) to college, where Yager's character is destined to be "head cheerleader" for the national championship cheerleading squad...but, she finds out the current head cheerleader is a snobby, she puts together a ragtag group of cheerleaders to compete with the snobby ones for the right to represent the college at the nationals. Did you follow that?

Don't worry. It's not necessary to follow it. In fact, it's not necessary to watch this film. If you simply must watch a film with this theme...then watch the original. This film, once you get past those cute cheerleading a complete bust. (pun intended).

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic