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Max Croes, Anna Jongen, Wendy Riksen
Santi Spadaro
5 Mins.


 "The Bondage Network" Has Lengthy Festival Run 

In Santi Spadaro's 5-minute short comedy The Bondage Network, a man (Max Croes) wakes up in the middle of nowhere all tied up. Things are strange, but they get stranger when Julie (Anna Jongen) shows up. 

A quick and steady Dutch short, The Bondage Network is a wee bit of silly fun that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but isn't really trying to make a whole lot of sense. Esther Verkaik's lensing fits the film's light, mostly naughty rather than bawdy tone and works nicely alongside the performances by Croes and Jongen. The film has been wildly popular on the film festival circuit with over a dozen festival screenings. It's not surprising given the film's offbeat, funny and weird charm. 

The Bondage Network also serves as a modest exploration of what it means to try to connect in a world where everyone is connected via social media yet, in reality, increasingly few are actually connected. It's fun to watch how Spaldaro accomplishes selling this message. 

If you get a chance, check out The Bondage Network. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic