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The Independent Critic

Brendan Bellomo
Davis Hall, Nadine Jacobson, Jan Uczkowski
Running Time
25 Mins.

 "Bohemibot" Review 
Winner of a 2009 Student Academy Award, Brendan Bellomo's 'Bohemibot" is the story of Bohemibot, a cyborg harpist forced to serve in his planet's last war. He struggles to overcome a devastating injury and the loss of his family. His encounter with a young enemy captive proves that even the din of war cannot silence the heart.

Filmed thanks to a grant from the Panavision New Filmmakers Program, "Bohemibot" masterfully combines live-action with CGI into a story that is compelling, thought-provoking and deeply moving.

Davis Hall, as Bohemibot, is a perfect blend of Cyborgian humanity, aided greatly by Mike Misslin's excellent camera work and Victor Bellomo's accompanying harp music.