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The Independent Critic

Joseph Gonzales
Zack Godshall
14 Mins.


 "The Boatman" Screening at 2016 Indy Film Festival  

In Zack Godshall's 14-minute documentary short The Boatman, Joseph Gonzales joins his wife of 71 years in facing the unknown and trying to build something that will last far beyond their existence. In this case, that something is a boat that Gonzales began working on decades ago and yet now is potentially faced with not finishing due to the onset of blindness and the presence of painful memories.

Perhaps one of the most traditional doc shorts among this year's Indy Film Fest documentary shorts, The Boatman is an emotionally involving and poignant short film centered around a man whose story will likely feel somewhat familiar and is both universal and remarkably intimate.

The 14-minute short film is screening as part of the "Always on my Mind" shorts collection with screenings set for July 17th at 1:15pm in DeBoest Lecture Hall and on July 19th at 3:30pm in the same location.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic