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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown, Mindy Hixson, Jerry Cerutti, Kate McMeans
Kenneth John McGregor
Running Time


 "Between the Blinds" Review 
The recently completed Between the Blinds captured the Best Directing prize in the film competition Project Twenty1, in which teams are given 21 days to complete a short film of up to 10 minutes.

The film centers around a struggling writer who is within hours of an important deadline who suddenly find himself mesmerized by watching a nearby park bench outside his darkened apartment. What at first may appear to be simple, meaningless encounters are quickly transformed through the power of his imagination as he begins to envision their actions through his own distorted lens.

Director Daniel Brown (Emily in the A.M.) ingeniously creates the writer's imaginary world, an approach that allows him to serve up visual effects that are intriguing and rather captivating while also being rather cost effective. Companioned by an excellent original score, the characters come to life in ways that blend Chaplin with Team America quite memorably.

 In addition to directing, Brown serves as the film's D.P. and is largely responsible for the distinctive visual effects. While his appearance is largely non-verbal, Kenneth John McGregor creates a strong physical presence that moves well alongside the dominating score.