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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Benjamin Dewhurst
Adam Lord, Destiny White, Alex Dunning, Wanita Spence
Running Time


 "The Best Part of My Day" Review 
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Indiana based filmmaker Benjamin Dewhurst and his cast & crew created The Best Part of My Day with two primary goals: 1) To give the viewer a happy feeling, and 2) To be featured at Indy's Heartland Film Festival.

Mission accomplished.

In a style somewhat reminiscent of Kurt Kuenne's award-winning Validation, The Best Part of My Day is an experimental, mostly silent film that contains only about 1 1/2 minutes of dialogue during the film's over 15 minute run time. While words may not be spoken, much is said in The Best Part of My Day, a sweet and hopeful romantic comedy starring Adam Lord as a young man whose best part of the day involves the accidental and not so accidental encounters with the young woman (Destiny White) across the court.

Employing a delightful and wonderfully complementary original score from Joseph Hebert, The Best Part of My Day largely features a single camera angle that breaks at just the right moment. D.P. Alexander Faurote actually has quite the challenge in creating visually appealing imagery within the framework of a single camera angle, a challenge met both by Dewhurst's inventive editing and the varying degrees of lighting and brightness contained within the imagery.

Adam Lord and Destiny White have quite the challenge themselves in creating appealing characters while using minimal dialogue. Rather than forcing broad physical comedy, however, Lord and White serve up an almost subdued physical comedy with the exception of a couple occasions when the single camera angle doesn't adequately communicate the situation unfolding.

It is to the credit of cast and crew that when we finally do reach a point of actual dialogue, the sensation is just a touch jarring. Dewhurst has done such a wondrous job up to that point in painting an almost Chaplinesque romanticism that to hear the words being spoken feels, at least momentarily, disappointing.

In addition to its appearance at the Heartland Film Festival, The Best Part of My Day was an official selection of the Big Island Film Festival and won the Clover and Maggie Award at the Cleveland International Film Festival. For more information on The Best Part of My Day, visit the film's website.