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Razie Brownstone
Sol Friedman
9 Mins.

 "Bacon & God's Wrath" Screening at the 2016 Indy Film Fest 
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In director Sol Friedman's tonally perfect short film Bacon & God's Wrath, 90-year-old Razie Brownstone reflects on her life's experiences as she's about to try bacon for the very first time.

No, really.

What sounds like it might be a cutesie narrative short is, in fact, an absolutely delightful 9-minute documentary short film screening in competition as part of the 2016 Indy Film Festival being held this week at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Not surprisingly, the film is unquestionably the lightest entry amongst this year's documentary shorts and director Sol Friedman absolutely nails infusing the film with just the right pace and tone. Within 9 minutes, you'll fall completely in love with Razie Brownstone and her lighthearted yet rather poignant explanation of all the heart and soul that goes into the decision to eat non-kosher for the first time in her life.

The original music by Menalon music companions the film quite nicely, while the addition of characters and animation from Friedman and 3-D animation by Penny Anderson is spot-on despite the fact that the film is, in all likelihood, not being screened for full effect in 3-D.

Bacon & God's Wrath picked up the Non-Fiction Short Film Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, was nominated at SXSW for the Documentary Short Grand Jury Award and won the Short Cuts Award - Honorable Mention at the Toronto International Film Festival among other prizes and screenings.

While light at heart, Friedman knows what he's doing with Bacon & God's Wrath and amidst the film's unique story are themes of faith, courage and transformation that will likely resonate with anyone whose experienced similar struggles. Even if you haven't experienced such struggles, Bacon & God's Wrath is a joyous, entertaining short with animation that perfectly companions the very human story.

Bacon & God's Wrath is easily one of my favorites from the 2016 Indy Film Fest and is screening as part of Giggle Fits on July 16th at 3:30pm at DeBoest Lecture Hall and on July 20th at 1:30pm also in DeBoest. For more information, visit the Indy Film Fest website.

Critic's Note: Bacon & God's Wrath picked up the prize for Best Documentary Short at the 2016 Indy Film Fest.

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